Business Breakfast

Very often it’s the ability to look beyond the horizon that brings us a decisive step forward. Issues that are of current social and political relevance are regularly discussed at the Ecker & Partner Business Breakfasts which feature interesting personalities and high-calibre experts as speakers. In an informal atmosphere guests have plenty of opportunity to engage in discussion and share their personal views and experiences.

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Previous topics:

  • March 2015
    “Digitales Österreich: Mythos und Wahrheit”
    with Christian Rupp, Speaker of “Digitales Österreich” of the Austrian Federal Government
  • November 2014
    “Der Euro – Fluch oder Segen?”
    with Thomas Wieser, President of the Economic and Financial Committee (EFC) of the European Union and Chairman of the Euro Working Group (EWG)
  • October 2014
    “Reformen machen Sinn”
    with Dr. Josef Moser, President of the Central Auditing Authority
  • September 2014
    “Österreich 2050 – notwendige Reformpakete für das Land”
    with Prof. Dr. Christian Keuschnigg, Director of the Institute for Higher Studies (IHS)
  • June 2014
    “Friedensprojekt Europa: Herausforderung Ukrainekrise”
    with Wolfgang Petritsch, Harvard University, former High Representative for Bosnia-Herzegovina and Expert for Southern Europe