The members of our team combine experience with innovation, boldness with precision and expertise with straightforward practicality. They work both independently and in carefully chosen teams – depending on the requirements and the task. They have their feet firmly on the ground and sight to the universe. And every day they give their all to support you in anything to do with communications – even outside office hours.

Nicole Bäck-Knapp, Ecker & Partner
Nicole Bäck-Knapp Managing Partner
Nicole Bäck-Knapp
Managing Partner
Das Team von E&P - Axel Zuschmann
Axel Zuschmann Partner
Axel Zuschmann
Victoria Abulesz, Ecker & Partner
Victoria Abulesz Consultant
Victoria Abulesz
Stina Bross, Ecker & Partner
Stina Bross Junior Consultant
Stina Bross
Junior Consultant
Sarah Brunner, Ecker & Partner
Sarah Brunner Intern
Sarah Brunner
Alexandra Ebner, Ecker & Partner
Alexandra Ebner Consultant
Alexandra Ebner
Anna Harmer, Ecker & Partner
Anna Harmer Director
Anna Harmer
Janika Hidegh, Ecker & Partner
Janika Hidegh Consultant
Janika Hidegh
Das Team von E&P - Barbara Hirsch
Barbara Hirsch Senior Consultant
Barbara Hirsch
Senior Consultant
Annemarie Kirchbacher, Ecker & Partner
Annemarie Kirchbacher Office Manager
Annemarie Kirchbacher
Office Manager
Lena Medved, Ecker & Partner
Lena Medved Consultant
Lena Medved
Lucas Miller, Ecker & Partner
Lucas Miller Consultant
Lucas Miller
Michael Moser, Ecker & Partner
Michael Moser Senior Consultant
Michael Moser
Senior Consultant
Lisa Pernkopf, Ecker & Partner
Lisa Pernkopf Senior Consultant
Lisa Pernkopf
Senior Consultant
Melina Raptis, Ecker & Partner
Melina Raptis Intern
Melina Raptis
Das Team von E&P, Nele Renzenbrink
Nele Renzenbrink Director
Nele Renzenbrink
Vanessa Salzer, Ecker & Partner
Vanessa Salzer Senior Consultant
Vanessa Salzer
Senior Consultant
Das Team von E&P - Birgit Stacher
Birgit Stacher Head of Finance
Birgit Stacher
Head of Finance
Kathrin Stoiser, Ecker & Partner
Kathrin Stoiser Director
Kathrin Stoiser
Bianca Tallian, Ecker & Partner
Bianca Tallian Executive Assistant / HR
Bianca Tallian
Executive Assistant / HR
Nicole Ustupska, Ecker & Partner
Nicole Ustupska Senior Consultant
Nicole Ustupska
Senior Consultant
Enzo Di Vece, Ecker & Partner
Enzo Di Vece Junior Consultant
Enzo Di Vece
Junior Consultant
Julia Weiss, Ecker & Partner
Julia Weiss Assistant
Julia Weiss