We always have an eye for detail but never lose sight of the big picture. And we never see briefings in isolation, but place them in their national and international economic, political and social contexts. The key question is easy: What does the client wish to achieve with communications?

The whole spectrum of communications

There is often more than one way of getting a job done. At Ecker & Partner we therefore carefully plan different measures for different target groups at different times. These range from media relations and social media campaigns to public affairs and employer branding to reputation management, crisis communications and litigation PR.  We are as confident with financial communications as we are with corporate PR. Our strengths include professional lobbying and effective CEO positioning.

The impact unfolds as the overall coordination and synergies come together. Essentially, we conduct a complete orchestra, in which each instrument enters the symphony at the right time and in the right place.

It is often the most difficult challenges that produce the most impressive results. We are used to working under pressure and to take up complex challenges with tight deadlines. Nowhere do we demonstrate our strengths more convincingly than in crisis communications, litigation PR, financial PR and public affairs.