Relaunch of Schwedenbombe Chocolate Marshmallows

Brand PR for a much-loved Austrian brand

Since August 2012, the critical financial situation of Niemetz – and thus of the “Original Schwedenbomben” chocolate marshmallows – has attracted an extraordinary amount of attention in both media and social media (led by the extremely successful Facebook group “Save the Schwedenbomben!”). The challenge was to incorporate and continue this positive momentum in PR activities, following the rescue and seamless continuation of chocolate marshmallow production by Heidi Chocolat AG in June 2013. The aim was to maintain and expand the suspense built up by emotionalisation around this much-loved and typically Austrian product to create increased brand awareness and positively position the new owner.

A 3-phase model (information & education – awareness & approval – strengthening & development) was prepared for the communications strategy and consistently implemented with key messages and specific measures for each phase. In addition to regular press releases, the initiators of the platform “Save the Niemetz Schwedenbombe!”, for example, were presented with a certificate at the Schwedenbomben House and will also receive a life-long supply of chocolate marshmallows. Other measures included the proclamation and celebration of the anniversary of the Schwedenbombe rescue on 17 June 2014, factory tours, prize draws, product samplings at the beginning of the carnival season, the introduction of Freetrade cocoa certification and the celebration of the Schwedenbombe brand’s 80th birthday.

This ongoing, open and transparent communication made it possible to

  • retain consumer trust,
  • support and expand the brand’s fan community and
  • strengthen the products of the Heidi brand.