Sony Mobile: Blogger Relations


Fashion and lifestyle bloggers are increasingly shaping the opinions of young people in Austria. Besides their personal blogs, lifestyle and fashion bloggers have a strong presence on social media, enabling them to reach an ever wider audience. For a company like Sony Mobile Communications that develops products for modern, trend-savvy consumers, building and cultivating long-term relationships with this target group is an important activity to augment classic PR work. The main objectives are to generate authentic online content and extend its reach.

To form relationships between bloggers and Sony Mobile Smartphones, Ecker & Partner developed an event concept that offers a platform for bringing together fashion and Sony Mobile Xperia Premium smartphones. To this end, we joined forces with the internationally-known Austrian fashion label Meshit to organise an event for bloggers under the hashtag #Xperiameetsmeshit. More than 10 fashion and lifestyle blogs took up the invitation and attended the event, where they were given an exclusive preview of the spring/summer collection 2015 and the young designers’ latest collections (autumn/winter 2014) as well as the opportunity to try on the garments and receive a professional makeover. Xperia smartphones (Xperia Z3 /Z3 compact) were provided to bloggers at the event so that they could record the styling, shooting and their impressions of the events and then share them on social media. The bloggers were allowed to keep the Xperia devices after the event to document their everyday lives and their work.

This enabled Sony Mobile Communications to authentically position itself as a partner of the blogger scene. This was reflected in the positive feedback from the bloggers who shared their impressions via blogposts, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.