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Partners in Success is Austria’s largest dating agency. When the company set out to enter the Austrian market in 2002, nobody would have guessed that online dating would soon become as normal as flirting in a café. On the contrary, there was a lack of public knowledge and prevailing attitudes were deeply negative. As the PR agency, our clear mission was to create an awareness of the brand in Austria and establish the company as a reputable online dating agency that can bring together people on the basis of a scientific compatibility principle. It was an exciting assignment and – at the time, we felt as if we were genuine pioneers of a new era (of love)!

The target group was, is, and remains enormous: Approximately one quarter of all Austrians are single and the vast majority of them long to be in a lasting and sincere relationship.

Following extensive PR activities to accompany the launch of in Austria, the focus was shifted to ongoing classic PR work. Making personal contact with selected journalists throughout Austria ensured that quickly became a familiar name in the Austrian media. In terms of content, the focus was always on the exciting and multi-faceted topics of singles, relationships and dating.

In 2004 we began carrying out regular representative studies on these topics. Thus collected data regarding the number of singles in Austria for the first time and provided specific facts and figures about online dating. The presentation of these studies culminated in a press conference, to which such renowned experts as the philosopher Konrad Paul Liessmann, the futurologist Matthias Horx and the couples’ counsellor Gerti Senger were invited. Since 2007 psychologist Caroline Erb has been available to journalists as a popular and media-savvy interview partner, making regular appearances on both radio and television and featuring in both print and online media.

Today is Austria’s largest dating agency and it is now impossible to imagine reporting about love and singles without it. We were able to successfully communicate PARSHIP’s key characteristics – reputable, anonymous and a high success rate of 38 percent – so that PARSHIP is now seen and acknowledged as an expert on all matters relating to relationships. The many PARSHIP couples who now regularly provide testimonials based on their personal success stories are the best proof of this.